About Us

CHRISTGATE MEGA REALMS Limited engages the right personnel, tools, technology and expertise for sand and gravel dredging in commercial quantity.

We intend to supply this sand and gravel for construction companies and manufacturing industries, shore protection, and embankment and canalization of creeks and waterways in Nigeria, starting from our operational base in River Benue to other parts of Nigeria, especially the Niger Delta areas, and expanding to other parts of Africa. With our formidable team of engineers, we also have ventured into civil construction work with roads and real estate.

At Christgate, we are committed to excellence, manpower development, team work, and results-oriented investments for all stakeholders. Christgate Mega Realms Limited is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja, Nigeria, with registration number: RC 1468516.


To provide excellent, rewarding and world class services to our clients through a highly motivated team within a people centered organisation.


Harnessing Global Resources for Excellence.





Respect & Reliability

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