HSE Policy

Health Safety & Environmental Policy

Christgate Mega Realms, a company engaged in Dredging, Marine and construction is committed to sound HSE performance through the provision of a framework for action and setting of HSE objectives and targets.

We are committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors and other stakeholders, safeguarding the environment through the implementation of an effective HSE management system.

It is our policy to:

Execute our activities in compliance with local and international laws, regulations and standards.
Set objectives, targets and performance standards that promote continual improvement in HSE management system performance.
Systematically identify, for all activities, the hazards to which people, the environment and assets are exposed, evaluate associated risks, define and implement the measures for reducing them.
Monitor the health of all employees on regular basis to ensure they are not adversely affected by the workplace.
Work with our contractors and suppliers to help them to comply with our HSE standards.
Provide adequate resources and training programmes to ensure that employees, contractors and stakeholders are aware of and trained on our HSE requires and abide by them.
Develop and maintain adequate emergency response procedures/plans and resources to mitigate the impact of incidents and test systems for effectiveness.
Report and analyze all accidents or incidents and anomalies to prevent reoccurrence.
Pursue continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the HSE of those who may be affected by our operations.

Every individual has responsibility for HSE in carrying out his or her activities.

This policy shall be reviewed at appropriate intervals to reflect any changes that may affect the HSE of our employees, contractors and stakeholders.


Managing Director